Taverne of Richfield

From Ohio History Central

Located in Richfield, Ohio, the Taverne of Richfield has been the site of a hotel, restaurant, or other business since it was built in 1886.

The Taverne of Richfield's original owner was Baxter Wood, a businessman from Medina, Ohio. The building was first known as the West Richfield Hotel and contained a ballroom on its second floor. The hotel became famous for its glamorous events. Over time, the structure began to deteriorate. Less reputable businesses came to occupy the building. After remaining empty for a number of years, Mel Rose purchased the building, which had been condemned by Richfield officials. He later opened an upscale restaurant called the Taverne of Richfield in the structure. The relocation of the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Cleveland Coliseum in Richfield to the Gund Arena in downtown Cleveland caused many Richfield businesses to fail. Among them was the Taverne of Richfield. At least two restaurants occupied the building since failure of the Taverne of Richfield.