Spring Azure Butterfly

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The color of the spring azure (Celastrina ladon) changes seasonally. For the most part, however, the upperside of the wings of males are blue. Female wings have some black on the forewing's outer edge. The undersides of the hindwing are a grayish-white with faded small black dots and margins in the center. The wingspan of adult spring azure butterflies measures seven-eighths to one and three-eighths of an inch.

Found in habitats of open areas and edges of deciduous woods, old fields, wooded marshes and swamps Males are very active perching and patrolling for females from midafternoon until dusk. The eggs of the female are laid on flower buds. The caterpillars which hatch feed on the flowers and fruits of their host plants, such as dogwood, New Jersey tea, and meadowsweet. The caterpillars form their chrysalids and hibernate. Once the metamorphosis is complete, the adult will emerge and begin to feed on nectar from privets, New Jersey tea, blackberries and milkweed.

Spring azures are found throughout Ohio.

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