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Snowbirds are people who live in northern portions of the United States but spend the winters in the South.

In essence, these people migrate, like many birds do, between warmer and cooler climates. These people generally are older and retired, and they are seeking the warmer climate of the Sunbelt, trying to escape the colder and snowier winters of the Rustbelt. Many of these people own homes in both the North and the South and spend part of each year at each location. Tens of thousands of Ohioans are snowbirds, usually leaving Ohio in October or November, as the colder temperatures begin to arrive. They return to Ohio usually in late April and May, as the temperatures begin to climb again. With the advent of Social Security and an increasing number of businesses offering their retired workers pension benefits, more and more people have the financial resources to be snowbirds. Unfortunately for Ohio, the loss of these people for a significant portion of the year results in the state and its businesses losing revenue, as the snowbirds spend money in the Sunbelt, which was earned in Ohio.

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