Sciotoville, Ohio

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Once its own community in Scioto County, Ohio, Sciotoville is now part of Portsmouth, Ohio.

In 1835, residents established the town of Sciotoville on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Little Scioto River. At this time, Sciotoville was approximately four miles upriver from Portsmouth. Sciotoville quickly prospered, having nearly 1,200 residents by 1880. Most residents found employment in the various brickyards or lumber mills in the community. For approximately eighty years, Sciotoville boasted its own city government and school system, but in 1921, the community was formally annexed as part of Portsmouth. Today, Sciotoville is located at the intersection of State Route 335 and United States 52.

Sciotoville is especially known for the Sciotoville Railroad Bridge, a riveted truss bridge. Completed in 1917, the bridge originally connected the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in Kentucky with the Norfolk and Western Railroad in Ohio. The bridge provided farmers, business owners, and coal companies in Kentucky and West Virginia easier access to more northerly markets in Ohio and along the Great Lakes. The Sciotoville Railroad Bridge's single truss extends 1,550 feet across the Ohio River. At its highest point, the bridge towers 236 feet above the river. It is the longest riveted truss bridge in the United States of America.

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