Sarahsville, Ohio

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Sarahsville was formerly the county seat of Noble County, Ohio.

In 1829, Benjamin Thorla established Sarahsville. Residents named the community after Sarah Devolld, the wife of John Devolld, one of the town's earliest settlers. Sarahsville remained relatively small, but the community still became the Noble County seat of government when the county was established in 1851. In 1858, Noble County residents moved the county seat from Sarahsville, which is located in the northern part of the county, to Caldwell, a more centralized spot. By 1880, Sarahsville claimed 249 residents. In 1884, a fire destroyed most of the town, but residents rebuilt the community. By 1902, Sarahsville had three churches and several tobacco warehouses. At this time, most residents earned their livings in local coal and iron mines, as farmers, as oil workers, or excavating salt. As iron and coal deposits began to decline in the early twentieth century, many residents began to leave Sarahsville, finding employment in Ohio's larger cities. In 2007, the town claimed only 193 residents.

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