Sandusky and Mad River Company

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The Sandusky and Mad River Company was one of the first railroad companies in Ohio. Located in Sandusky, the company completed its first railroad line in 1838, connecting Sandusky with Bellevue, Ohio. In the next ten years, the company extended the line to Springfield, Ohio. The Springfield city government helped finance the Sandusky and Mad River Companys expenses by purchasing twenty-five thousand dollars in company stock. Many localities assisted railroads in this manner following the repeal of the Ohio Loan Law of 1837 in 1840. Many communities, especially those not connected to canals, did not want the railroads to bypass them. Sandusky was one of these communities. By the early 1850s, Sandusky had several railroad lines passing through the town, connecting its residents to Mansfield, Newark, Columbus, Springfield, and Cincinnati.

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