Samuel White Jr.

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Samuel White, Jr., was a prominent resident of Granville, Ohio during the early nineteenth century. He was a Welsh American.

White was born on March 3, 1812, in Welsh Hills, Ohio. He was listed as the first student to enroll at the Granville Literary and Theological Institution, modern-day Denison University, in 1831. White graduated in 1836, and he passed the Ohio bar exam, becoming an attorney, in 1837. White also briefly edited Newark, Ohio's main newspaper, the Newark Gazette.

In 1843, White embarked upon a career in politics. He was a member of the Whig Party. In that same year, he won election to the Ohio legislature. During the following year, White sought election to the United States House of Representatives. He actively campaigned for the seat, and many contemporaries claim that the race killed White. During the campaign, White contracted a fever, which led to his death on July 20, 1844. Columbus Delano replaced White in the House race, and Delano won the election.

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