Rossford Arena Amphitheater Authority

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In the 1990s, Rossford, Ohio, city officials established the Rossford Arena Amphitheater Authority. This organization was to fund and construct a fifteen thousand-seat, outdoor amphitheater and a twelve-thousand-seat arena. The city hoped that the facility would attract concerts and a professional ice hockey team to the area. Construction of the facilities began without sufficient funding having been secured. Construction ceased in 1999, when the Rossford Arena Amphitheater Authority failed to acquire satisfactory financing from banks. The Rossford Arena Amphitheater Authority and the local government ended up being more than eighteen million dollars in debt from the failed venture. In 2006, the Rossford government, hoping to reduce some of the debt, authorized the auction of some of the land originally earmarked for the Rossford Arena Amphitheater.

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