Rock Dove

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Scientific Name: Columba livia
Habitat: Cities, farms, cliffs, and bridges
Adult Weight:  
Adult Body Length: 11 - 13 inches
Nesting Period:  
Broods Per Year: 4-5
Clutch Size: 1-2
Life Expectancy:  
Foods: Seeds, grain, fruits and insects


Commonly referred to as the pigeon, the rock dove has been domesticated for thousands of years. They have adapted to human environments and have become nuisance animals.


19th Century

European immigrants introduced the rock dove to America. It is unsure the exact year the rock dove came to Ohio. They became wild after escaping or being released from captivity. They were in most large cities in the nineteenth-century.

20th Century

By the 1930s, rock doves could be found throughout Ohio. They flock, sometimes by the hundreds, in both urban and rural areas. Although some cities and towns have population control programs, rock dove numbers have increased since 1965.

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