Robert J. Bulkley

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Robert Johns Bulkley was born on October 8, 1880, in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Harvard University in 1902, and he then attended Harvard Law School. In 1906, Bulkley opened his own law practice in Cleveland.

Shortly after returning to Cleveland, Bulkley entered politics. A member of the Democratic Party, Bulkley won election to the United States House of Representatives in 1910 and 1912. Following his second term in office, Bulkley returned to his law practice. During World War I, he served as the head of the legal department of the War Industries Board. This government office's was responsible for making sure that American businesses could equip American soldiers and their allies. Following this conflict, Bulkley resumed his legal career.

In 1930, Bulkley returned to politics, winning election to the United States Senate. Bulkley was elected to complete the term of Theodore E. Burton, who died in office. Bulkley won reelection in 1932, but he failed in a second reelection attempt in 1938. After completing his second term, Bulkley returned to his law office. Bulkley also served as president of the Bulkley Building Company and director of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. He also became involved in banking. During World War II, he participated in a government board that heard appeals of denied visa requests. Bulkley died on July 21, 1965.

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