Norse Dairy Systems

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Carl R. Taylor, a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, attended the World's Fair in 1904. He became fascinated with ice cream and the ice cream cone. He returned to Cleveland and spent the next twenty years developing a machine that could manufacture ice cream cones much more cheaply and quickly than could be accomplished previously. On January 29, 1924, Taylor patented his machine. Soon thereafter, he formed the Ice Cream Cone Company to manufacture the cones. During the 1960s, Norse Dairy Systems, which was founded in the 1960s, purchased the Ice Cream Cone Company.

Today, Norse Dairy Systems is the world's largest manufacturer of sugar cones. The company also manufactures machinery to fill ice cream cones and pastries. Norse Dairy Systems has manufacturing facilities across the Midwest, including Columbus, Ohio, the company's headquarters. The firm also operates a plant in Costa Rica.

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