Nora Embrey

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Nora Embrey was the second woman sheriff in Ohio.

During the 1920s and the 1930s, women experienced dramatic improvements in their political rights. This improvement began with women receiving the right to vote under the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. For the first time in United States and Ohio history, many women began to win election to political office. Among women gaining political office was Embrey.

Embrey became the sheriff of Licking County upon the death of her husband, Ross Embrey. Ross Embrey served as sheriff of Licking County from January 1933 until September 13, 1934, when he died from natural causes. County commissioners appointed Nora Embrey to fill her husband's seat until the next election. Embrey was not elected to office and she did not seek reelection at the end of her term. She remained as sheriff until November 1934. It appears that Embrey received the sheriff's position as a means of financial support. Sometimes officials appointed widows to their deceased husbands' positions to guarantee the widows an income. By serving in a government position, these women were then entitled to a retirement pension, providing them with an income for the remainder of their lives. By all accounts, Nora Embrey was a dutiful sheriff.

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