From Ohio History Central

Built in 1816, the Millcroft was one of the earliest homes to be built in Milford, Ohio. The home was constructed on the most expensive lot in Milford. The land sold for thirty-five dollars in 1806, while most other lots sold for twenty-five dollars.

For its first eleven years, the Millcroft served as a private dwelling. In 1828, Matthias Kugler purchased the home and several outbuildings for twelve thousand dollars and converted a portion of it into a general store. Later, Kugler's son acquired the Millcroft and restored the building as a private dwelling. The younger Kugler and his wife lived in the home until their deaths.

In 1939, the Millcroft opened as a tearoom. Ever since, the Millcroft has served as a restaurant. Some of the home's outbuildings also have been converted to restaurant use.