Findlay Market

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Findlay Market has a long history within the city of Cincinnati. It had its origins within a small store founded by General James Findlay in 1793. Over the years, Findlay's store was very successful. He made plans for building a new, larger building, even going so far as to buy a piece of property, before his death in the 1830s. After Findlay's wife died in 1851, the land was donated to the city of Cincinnati. City leaders decided to go forward with construction of a new market at the site, which was built between 1852 and 1855. The new market, constructed of cast-iron, was named after General Findlay. The site was actually located within the German neighborhood known as Over-the-Rhine.

Unlike most Cincinnati markets, which did not remain open for many years, Findlay Market still remains open today. Of course, the building has been updated over time -- in 1902, to include refrigeration, and once again in 1974. It allows shoppers to experience the tradition of shopping as people in Cincinnati have for more than 150 years. Each year since 1920, the market has sponsored the annual Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade. Findlay Market also holds a number of holiday celebrations, including the annual "Taste of Findlay" festival.

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