Ferrara, Ohio

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Ferrara was a small community in Perry County, Ohio.

In 1871, people established the community of Ferrara. It was located along the Sunday Creek. Residents expected that the Ohio Central Railroad would soon pass through the community, inspiring these settlers to establish the community. Unfortunately, for the residents, a range of hills existed north of Ferrara. The Ohio Central Railroad needed to construct a tunnel to pass through the hills. Construction of the railroad line was slow, and by the mid 1870s, most of Ferrara's residents had relocated elsewhere. Joseph Rodgers purchased most of the land from the town's former residents, who numbered approximately three hundred people at Ferrara's peak.

In 1879, Rodgers sold his land to dozens of people and businesses. This land would become the site of Corning, Ohio. Purchasers desired the land because the Ohio Central Railroad had reached the community. The Ohio Central Railroad intended to transport the area's coal deposits to the nation's various industrial centers, especially those located in northeastern Ohio. Typical of many other Ohio communities, Corning prospered with the arrival of the railroad.

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