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Julius "Boomer" Esiason was a professional football player and is a television sports commentator.

Esiason was born on April 17, 1961, in West Islip, New York. He attended and graduated from the University of Maryland, where he played quarterback on the university's football team.

After graduating in 1984, Esiason joined the National Football League and played for the Cincinnati Bengals. With Esiason's leadership, the Bengals went to the Super Bowl in 1988. In that same year, Esiason was voted the National Football League's Most Valuable Player. Esiason was a quarterback for the New York Jets (1993-1995) and the Arizona Cardinals (1996), before retiring as a Cincinnati Bengal in 1997.

 Esiason then went into television broadcasting. From 1998 to 2000, he provided color commentary on the American Broadcasting Company's (ABC) Monday Night Football. Terminated in 2000, Esiason then joined radio broadcaster Westwood One's pre-game show for Monday Night Football. He later worked as a studio commentator for CBS's The NFL Today show, and as the host of The Boomer Esiason Show on the Madison Square Garden Network.

Esiason is active in several charity organizations. His son, Gunnar Esiason, is afflicted with cystic fibrosis. Boomer Esiason continues to be an advocate for research into this disease. Esiason established the Boomer Esiason Foundation to assist in this effort.

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