Dayton Wings Baseball Team

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The Dayton Wings Baseball team was a minor league club in Dayton, Ohio.  The baseball team existed from 1932 – 1942, but was only known as The Dayton Wings for two years, 1939 and 1940, during the time period.

Minor league baseball in Dayton went through many name changes beginning with the Dayton Aviators from 1928–1930. The team had a loosing season, so they disbanded.  During 1931, there was not a minor league team in Dayton.   In 1932, baseball returned to Dayton as The Dayton Ducks. The team played in the Middle Atlantic League.  From 1932 -1938 they played under the name The Dayton Ducks. In 1939, the franchise was renamed the Dayton Wings. They played under the name Wings in 1939 and 1940. The franchise went back to the name The Dayton Ducks for the 1941 and 1942 seasons. The team was owned and managed by a former major league player named Howard D. Holmes, known as “Ducky Holmes.â€�

From 1934-1942, the Dayton team was primarily affiliated with the Brooklyn Dodgers, except for one year. In 1937, the team was affiliated with the Chicago White Sox.  In 1932–1933, and 1936, the team was not associated with a major league team. After the 1942 season, the baseball operations were suspended because World War II began.

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