Celestite (Strontium Sulfate)

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Celestite, Wood County, Ohio; N 3846

The name celestite comes from a Latin word meaning "heaven." This refers to the sky-blue, "celestial" color often seen in this mineral. Since celestite is the most common mineral that contains the metal strontium, it is the predominate ore for that element. Compounds of strontium color a flame red, and they sometimes are used in the manufacture of fireworks.

Celestite has been found in various places in Europe and North America, but the state of Ohio is famous for having many of the best deposits. This mineral has been reported in 11 of Ohio’s counties. Northwestern Ohio produces crystals of this mineral in colors ranging from white to a beautiful pale blue. Crystal cave on South Bass Island is a large vug filled with very large crystals of celestite. In the southwestern part of the state it occasionally is found in the area of Serpent Mound State Memorial where an unusual geological disturbance occurred.

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