Thomas L. Calvert

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Thomas Lawrence Calvert was Ohio's tenth Secretary of Agriculture. The Secretary of Agriculture served as the head of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture.

Calvert was born on December 20, 1858, in Georgetown, Maryland. In 1869, his family moved to Ohio, where Calvert eventually opened a mercantile business. In 1892, he purchased a farm near Selma, Ohio, and Calvert quickly became one of Ohio's leading agriculturalists.

Calvert became a well-respected citizen of Selma. He served as a trustee of Madison Township from 1879 until 1906, as well as a member of the Clarke County Agricultural Board. In 1906, Calvert became secretary of the Ohio Board of Agriculture. As secretary, he reorganized the Ohio Board of Agriculture and succeeded having it placed under the Ohio governor's office instead of the state legislature. Upon retiring from the board in 1908, Calvert returned to his farm, although he again entered public service in 1916, when he became the head of Ohio's Drug & Food Department. Calvert died in 1941.