Michael B. Bateham

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Michael B. Bateham was Ohio's second Secretary of Agriculture. The Secretary of Agriculture served as the head of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture.

Bateham was born in 1813, in Great Britain. He and his family immigrated to the United States in 1825. By the 1830s, Bateham had opened a seed store in New York. In 1843, he relocated to Columbus, Ohio, where he became the founder and first editor of the Ohio Cultivator in 1845. He continued to edit the paper until 1854. Bateham also helped found the Ohio Pomological Society, the precursor of the Ohio Horticultural Society. Known for his fruit orchards and his work with seed propagation, Bateham became Ohio Secretary of Agriculture in 1847, holding this position until 1850.

Upon relinquishing the secretary position, Bateham opened the Columbus Nursery in Franklin County, Ohio. He eventually moved to Painesville, Ohio, where he continued his research into seeds and fruit trees. Bateham also strongly opposed war and played an important role in the Ohio State Peace Society. Bateham and his wife Josephine served as ambassadors of the Ohio State Peace Society to an international conference in London, England in 1851. Bateham died in 1880.