Weathervane Playhouse

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The Weathervane Playhouse is the oldest, continuing, professional summer stock theater company in Ohio. The Weathervane Playhouse has attracted actors and directors from across the United States.

Established in 1969, the Weathervane Playhouse first opened in a barn in Heath, Ohio. Over the next several years, the company performed in the barn, a tent, and in an open-air pavilion. In 1976, the Thomas J. Evans Foundation provided the Weathervane Playhouse with land in Newark, Ohio to establish a permanent home. In the same year, the company's theater was moved and rebuilt on the donated land. The original structure was lost to fire in 1987, but various businesses and community groups helped rebuild the theater on the same site. Seven years later, another fire destroyed the Weathervane Playhouse's entire costume collection. Local residents donated thousands of items to replace the destroyed costumes. In 1999, the Weathervane Playhouse opened a Children's Theater to provide additional educational programs for local children.

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