Tiffin University

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In 1888, Tiffin University was established in Tiffin, Ohio. Initially, Tiffin University was part of Heidelberg College, serving as this institution's business school. For much of its history, the institution struggled with enrollment, as well as with finances. During the 1980s, the campus consisted of just three buildings, but during the 1990s, it grew to fifteen buildings. Much of this growth resulted from the establishment of a nationally-ranked business program.

Today, Tiffin University touts itself as one of the cheapest-priced private schools in Ohio. The college currently offers graduate degrees in business and in criminal justice. Approximately 1,600 students attend classes at the institution's main campus, but Tiffin University also offers courses in Cleveland, Columbus, Fremont, and Lima, Ohio, as well as at Bucharest, Romania.

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