Cadiz Sentinel

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In 1852, Giles and Blain left the paper, making Allen the sole proprietor and editor. Its name was changed to the ''Democratic Sentinel'' for a short time and changed again in 1854 to the ''Cadiz Democratic Sentinel''. Allen hired William H. Arnold as an associate editor in 1862, and Arnold remained with the paper after Allen moved to nearby Steubenville to start the ''Steubenville Gazette''. Under Arnold’s leadership, the ''Sentinel'' increased both its circulation and influence. In 1911, Samuel F. Dickerson purchased the paper from the estate of William H. Arnold, who had died in 1898, and merged it with the ''Cadiz Democrat'' to form the ''Cadiz Democrat Sentinel''. Dickerson modernized the newspaper printing office and made his iteration of the Sentinel one of the leading weeklies in eastern Ohio. On November 24, 1932, the publication published its last issue and was absorbed by the ''Cadiz Republican''.
Part of this newspaper has been digitized and is available for research via [ Chronicling America]: [ Cadiz Sentinel(1844), 1844-1851]; [ Democratic Sentinel and Harrison County Farmer, 1851-1852]; [ Democratic Sentinel, 1852-1853]; [ Cadiz Democratic Sentinel, 1854-1864]; [ Cadiz Sentinel(1864), 1864-1868]; and via [ Ohio Memory]: [ Cadiz Sentinel [1834], 1834-1835].
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