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| image = [[File:Blue JacketOHS_AL02712.jpg]]| caption = Detail Close-up view of Blue Jacket from the painting "The Signing of the Treaty of Green Greene Ville, 1795"as depicted by Howard Chandler Christy.
<p>Blue Jacket was a leader of the Shawnee natives. The date of his birth is unknown, but it was probably in the early 1740s. His Native American name was Weyapiersenwah (also spelled Wehyehpiherhsehnwah). Historians know very little of his early years. In 1774, Blue Jacket participated in Lord Dunmore's War. In this conflict, militiamen from Pennsylvania and Virginia hoped to force the Ohio Country natives to accept the Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1768) and leave much of what is now the State of Ohio. The major battle in this war was the Battle of Point Pleasant. The British succeeded in defeating a force of Shawnee natives led by Cornstalk. Blue Jacket participated in the battle. During the American Revolution Blue Jacket, like most Shawnees, fought with the British. By the war's conclusion, Blue Jacket had settled along the Maumee River.</p>