Big Ear Radio Observatory

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| image = [[File:WOW! Signal.jpg]]
| caption = Computer printout of the WOW! signal received August 15, 1977 at the Ohio State University Radio Observatory, home of the "Big Ear" radio telescope. This signal may be the first record of contact with extra terrestrial intelligence. 
<p>Dr. John D. Kraus, a professor of electrical engineering and astronomy at The Ohio State University, designed the Big Ear Radio Telescope. Before constructing the Big Ear Radio Observatory, Kraus constructed a prototype telescope on the roofs of two Ohio State buildings. The prototype cost twenty-three thousand dollars, and its purpose was to detect radio waves in outer space. Kraus hoped that his telescope would help find extraterrestrial life in space. This initial telescope proved successful, and Kraus received funding from numerous sources to construct a larger version of his radio telescope.</p>
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