Timeline of Ohio History

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American Civil War: 1860-1865
*1862: [[Lincoln, Abraham | President Lincoln]] issued the [[Emancipation Proclamation]].
*1863: Following a six-week siege, Confederate forces surrendered [[Siege of Vicksburg | Vicksburg]] to Federal troops led by Ohioan [[Ulysses S. Grant]].
*1863: [[Morgan's Raid]]. Confederate Brigadier General [[Morgan, John H. | John Hunt Morgan]] led troops on a daring raid across southern Ohio.
*1863: [[Battle of Buffington Island]],the only [[American Civil War | Civil War]] battle fought on Ohio soil.
*1864: [[Lincoln, Abraham | President Lincoln]] promoted [[Ulysses S. Grant]] to supreme commander of all Union forces.
*1864: Union forces under the leadership of Ohioan [[Sherman, William T. | William T. Sherman]] captured Atlanta.
*1864: Sherman led his troops on his "[[Sherman's March to the Sea | March to the Sea]]" from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia.
*1864-1865: [[Ulysses S. Grant]] led the [[Army of the Potomac]] in pursuit of Robert E. Lee's forces during the [[Wilderness Campaign]].