Kaskaskia Indians

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{ The Kaskaskia Indians lived mainly in Illinois and eastern Missouri when Europeans began to settle in North America. They were closely related to the Miami Indians. During the Beaver Wars (1640 � 1700), the Kaskaskias fought against the Iroquois Indians. After the Iroquois threat ended, some Kaskaskia Indians moved into the Ohio Country to live among the Miami Indians. During the French and Indian War, the Kaskaskias allied themselves with the French. During the American Revolution, they supported the British against the Americans. George Rogers Clark led an American army against the Kaskaskias during the war. Although the Kaskaskia Indians did not live in great numbers in Ohio, they were signers of the Treaty of Greeneville and relinquished their claims to land in the majority of present-day Ohio. In 1832, the Kaskaskias agreed to move west of the Mississippi River, and leave their traditional homeland in Illinois. [[Category:{$topic}]]