French Fry Bus

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During the late 1970s, motorists in the United States faced a gasoline shortage. In response to this shortage, The Ohio State University�s Department of Mechanical Engineering developed a new fuel known as �Buck Fry� from dirty cooking oil from the university�s cafeterias. Buck Fry powered one of the institution�s buses during this time period, but eventually Ohio State returned to traditional fuel to power the bus.

Twenty-five years after OSU�s �French Fry Bus,� other universities began to use biodiesel fuel generated from their respective cafeterias� cooking oils. These colleges include the University of Montana (2002) and the University of Colorado (2003). In 2003, biodiesel sold for ninety-five cents per gallon, approximately thirty-five cents per gallon less than normal diesel fuel. Diesel-powered vehicles do not need any modifications to their engines to use biodiesel fuel.

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