College of Mount St. Joseph

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{ In 1920, the Sisters of Charity established the College of Mount St. Joseph, a women's Catholic college, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The institution grew quickly, relocating to a new and larger site in 1962. Ten years later, the Sisters of Charity ceased their involvement in running the College of Mount St. Joseph, although this order continues to contribute funds to the institution's operation today.

In 1986, the College of Mount St. Joseph allowed male students to enroll, creating a coeducational campus for the first time in the institution's history. During the 1970s, the college also implemented evening and weekend degree programs, creating a sizable commuter population. In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the College of Mount St. Joseph embarked on a building campaign, which was designed to increase the percentage of students residing on campus, yet in 2006, only thirty-six percent of the College of Mount St. Joseph's nearly 2,200 students lived on campus. During this same year, nearly sixty-five percent of the students were women, and roughly sixty percent of enrollees were Catholic. [[Category:{$topic}]]