Black and White Schoolhouse

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Built in 1886 by direct descendants of slaves, the Black and White schoolhouse provided education for local youth until 1928.

The Black and White Schoolhouse was one of the earliest desegregated schools in Ohio.

In 1886, African Americans residing in Kenton, Ohio, constructed a brick schoolhouse to educate their children. This structure replaced a log structure that African Americans had constructed three years earlier for the same purpose. No state law segregated schools. However, since 1858, school boards were to construct a separate school for African Americans if more than thirty black children lived in the community. The African-American community of Kenton allowed both black and white children to attend the new schoolhouse when it was completed in 1886. The school became known as the Black and White Schoolhouse, and it remained in operation as a school until 1928. Throughout the school's history, the majority of students were African-American, but some white students did attend as well.

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