Americke Delnicke Listy (American Labor News)

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Americke Delnicke Listy, translated as American Labor News, was a Czech-American newspaper published in Cleveland, Ohio. 

People of Czech heritage primarily began to migrate to the United States of America in the mid to late 1800s. Cleveland had one of the largest Czech communities in Ohio. Hoping to maintain traditional Czech heritage and beliefs, in 1908, Joseph Martinek established Americke Delnicke Listy, Cleveland's third Czech-language newspaper. The first such newspaper was Pokrok. Americke Delnicke Listy was published weekly. Martinek and future editors usually supported socialist causes. Americke Delnicke Listy was the only Czech-language socialist newspaper ever published in the United States. The paper also called for the creation of an independent Czechoslovakian nation following Germany's invasion and takeover of the country in 1939. Because of the paper's views, Germany actually banned Americke Delnicke Listy from being mailed to people in Czechoslovakia. 

The paper remained in publication until the early 1950s. Like many other Americans during the late 1800s and the early 1900s, the Czech immigrants viewed Ohio as a land of opportunity, but they also sought, as evidenced with Americke Delnicke Listy, to maintain many aspects of their traditional culture.

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