Alexandria, Ohio

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Alexandria, Ohio, which was located in Scioto County, was the first Euro-American settlement on the west bank of the Scioto River at its juncture with the Ohio River.

Alexander Parker surveyed the town in 1799. The land that he surveyed originally belonged to his brother, Thomas Parker. Alexander Parker named the community after himself. Alexandria served as the original county seat of Scioto County, but it held this distinction for only a few years until Henry Massie established Portsmouth, Ohio in 1803. Massie laid out Portsmouth on the east bank of the Scioto River. The land here was significantly higher than Alexandria and was not prone to flooding. Due to the threat of flooding, by 1803, many Alexandria residents had already relocated to the east bank of the Scioto River, where they had established the small community of Boneyfiddle. Portsmouth very quickly surrounded Boneyfiddle and incorporated the older community. With Portsmouth's founding, residents of Alexandria abandoned this community. Alexandria ceased to exist, and no remnant of it exists today.